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Mission and values

We share the vision of a world in which sensory impaired children and young people enjoy the same rights, opportunities, responsibilities, fulfilment and quality of life as their able-bodied peers. Light into Europe’s mission is to develop the full potential of the Romanian sensory impaired children and young people to lead independent lives.

We aim to achieve this vision and mission by:

  • Providing educational support services to the schools for sensory impaired and families with sensory impaired children from our Resource Centre;
  • Promoting accessible information and equipment;
  • Developing integrated programs on early intervention and employment support;
  • Changing the attitudes and social behaviour towards sensory impaired persons;
  • Being a catalyst for social and professional inclusion of the sensory impaired people;
  • Encouraging better education, training and employment of the blind and the deaf individuals in Romania.

Light into Europe is committed to adhering to the values of:

  • Respect and dignity for the individual
  • Making a positive difference to people
  • Participation and empowerment
  • Aiming for equality

Interested in our full history? Well, sit down and have a cup of tea; it will take a while

Many people long associated with Romania will know Light into Europe as the provider of the only air-ambulance service from the mid-1990s until 2003. During this period, more than 5,000 flight hours helped saving almost a thousand lives by Capt. Stan Platt’s crews.

In addition to an increasing number of air-ambulance flights, the charity also developed its work in hospitals, orphanages and schools around the country, providing medical and social training, humanitarian aid, medical equipment and medicines.

With the discontinuation of our air-ambulance activities in 2003, owing to increasing difficulties with the Ministry of Health, an analysis of the humanitarian situation in Romania revealed that almost all the funds and attention are directed towards hospitals and orphanages, whilst the blind and deaf communities receive very little support.

Since 2004, we focused our efforts on developing support for two Cinderella groups: the sight impaired and the hearing impaired.

As the Romanian government continues its’ efforts to develop improved social services for the general population, the sensory impaired are a neglected demographic that have received very little support and assistance.  Facilities providing services are old fashioned and under-equipped.  The educational system has yet to respond to the needs of sensory impaired Romanians; education materials are lacking and/or non-existent.  As a result of a non-adapted curriculum, young Romanians are offered limited life prospects and opportunities.

Light into Europe’s teamwork and dedication has resulted in 120 successful medical and social projects in Romania, involving more than 1000 volunteers and almost 4 million dollars worth of donations in kind.

The charity has received very good press coverage over the years as its goal is to be an outstanding partner to our sponsors and donors, providing only prime projects with significant social impact.

After a three year period of familiarization and real understanding of the situation and the needs of the children and young people with sight or hearing impairment, Light into Europe opened the first Resource Centre for the Sensory Impaired in 2007.

A combination of the right information, technology, therapies, the right staff, the right volunteers and the right and generous sponsors make the Resource Centre a unique place for the sensory impaired beneficiaries, their families and professionals to learn, to explore and to thrive.

Light into Europe is committed to implementing projects, providing services, and directly reaching beneficiaries to help overcome the many challenges faced by sensory impaired individuals in Romania today.

The air ambulance

Light into Europe is a British charity founded in 1986 to provide medical evacuation by air and humanitarian relief to Eastern and Central European countries then under communist oppression. Romania’s extensive, national network of air-ambulances had been closed down in 1978 and our involvement began in 1990. The first air-ambulance flight to take place since 1978 enabled a five year old girl to receive emergency surgery at a cardiology clinic in Rotterdam. In 1997, the Health Ministry invited Light into Europe to be the sole provider of air-ambulance services in Romania, with the Ministry contributing the fuel. Between 1997 and 2003, the Light into Europe Air-Ambulance service saved more than 900 lives, during 700 emergency flights and 4000 flying-hours. Although air-ambulance services are not our primary focus in Romania at this time, we still provide services on a case-by-case basis. Since 2003, we have performed dozens of emergency flights and will continue to do so in the future. We encourage you to learn more about our Air-Ambulance accomplishments and impact on human life by reading the stories below.

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